Challenge-YU CUP 




Welcome to the first edition of the Challenge-YU Cup! Everyone is welcomed in this 3v3 League of legends tournament. This Event will begin at 13h00 o' clock EDT. To register, please follow the link below. Waiting to see you in the fire of the action!


-3v3, any player substitution during the tournament is non-authorized.

- The tournament will take place on the Howling Abyss map.

-In order to facilitate the communications between the players, teams, and organizers, using the discord channel of Challenge-YU in order to communicate will be mandatory.

Here's the discord link:

-Every match is do or die, except the final's wich will be a best of 3.

-The tournament is set in draft mode, so there will be a ban phase.

-Obviously, any shape or form of cheating will result in a disqualification of the team. In addition, the player who cheated will be added to our black list and will never be able to participate in any other tournaments organized by us again.

-You need to be in the discord channel AND be registered on battlefy 30 minutes before the start ofthe tournament in order to prevent delays of time.

-If a player of a team did not check in before the time limit, the team will be disqualified, without any refunds..

-Have some fun! We are here for that!

Captains can report their team's score.